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What is Quipit?

"Quip", meaning a clever or witty remark or comment. That is exactly what we are about, giving you the ability to post quips, typically accompanied by a picture that you can then share with your friends, family, followers and the world! Not sure about letting the world know your witty comments? not a problem, you can select your audience when you post.

All your quipit posts are visible in what we call the QuipFeed. This is shared by all our quipitpers. To make viewing easier, you are able to filter by region and by fellow quipitpers you have chosen to follow.

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Share and enjoy...

You can build up a collection of Magazines! A Magazine is a collection of posts that you have personally selected. The posts can be any that you can see.

Share your posts and magazines with your friends. Follow Quippers you are interested in. You can even share editing rights to your Magazines with your friends - great if you and your friends want to build a comic together!!

Be creative...

Be creative...

Quips can be simple; take a photo of your friend, add a funny quipit. Post and share. Simple!

For those more creative, you can add multiple quips, select from stock themed caricatures and add sound effects, all within a single post.

Premium service allows targeted posts

Targeting your posts

Building your network of friends and followers is a great way of getting your posts seen. If you need greater access to the Quipit community then we do offer a subscription based self-serve targeted campaign feature. This is great for targeting groups of Quippers to see your post.

Targeted posts are shown as "sponsored" in the QuipFeed and Magazines.